USA has the most covid deaths in the world, by a landslide

We’re not just #1 in covid deaths, we’re in the lead by a lot. And to those saying the USA population is bigger, NOT TRUE. China has over 4x larger population than the USA. India too. China’s response to covid is an example of what the USA should’ve done:-built more hospitals (China built massive onesContinue reading “USA has the most covid deaths in the world, by a landslide”

Why does USA have high death rates from covid?

Anyone else feel like western medicine is floundering with how to deal with covid, which is one reason the USA has such a high rate of covid and a high rate of death? (And obviously one of the biggest reasons is that we don’t have universal healthcare). USA is one of the few countries inContinue reading “Why does USA have high death rates from covid?”

Resources (financial, mental health support, etc)

Most of these are for the Chicagoland area: I created this google doc over many weeks of doing research, contacting elected officials, community organizations and helping my students’ families who needed assistance. If you needs support with filling these out, most local aldermen, state representatives, senators and community organizations’ offices are helping families fillContinue reading “Resources (financial, mental health support, etc)”

Stories of sexism in hospitals & strategies of how to protect yourself

In this video, I speak about the sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ageism in the healthcare system. In these covid support groups, I’ve seen thousands of women, ppl of color and Lgbtqia+ folks, who were originally told, “It’s not covid, it’s anxiety.” This discrimination is killing people. Our “for-profit” healthcare system is killing ppl. ManyContinue reading “Stories of sexism in hospitals & strategies of how to protect yourself”

It might be covid, not anxiety

People often mistake COVID for anxiety. For 7-9 days, I thought my difficulty breathing was anxiety. It became worse after waking and at night, when I wa on my back. Could be covid if: -it’s easier to breathe on your belly, harder on your back -harder to breathe after walking. -anxiety medicine that usually worksContinue reading “It might be covid, not anxiety”

🦠 JUST 🦠 BECAUSE 🦠 YOU 🦠 AREN’T 🦠 COUGHING 🦠 AND 🦠 HAVE 🦠 NO 🦠 FEVER, 🦠 DOES 🦠 NOT 🦠 MEAN 🦠 YOU 🦠 DON’T 🦠 HAVE 🦠 PNEUMONIA OR COVID! My pneumonia and covid symptoms were becoming worse and I NEVER had a cough or fever the whole time I’ve hadContinue reading


Written: April 30th, 2020 Many of these things you should do now anyway! And these are my experiences, obviously talk to your doctor first: Make your will!! People can do their will on legal zoom. It’s super fast and cheap. You can notarize your will online with a notary app. Finalize your will early onContinue reading “SHARE: HOW TO PREPARE FOR COVID, IF YOU START TO EVEN HAVE MILD SYMPTOMS:”