Possible good news supporting covid immunity

This is written by Jennifer Kasten, a pathologist with degrees in epidemiology and infectious diseases. She has also done field work in epidemic control. She just posted an article with good news about covid immunity. [One paper, two bombshells, and some staggeringly good news about immunity, vaccines, and protection against COVID. MIND YOUR Bs andContinue reading “Possible good news supporting covid immunity”

Tuesday, May 19th covid update. Positive thoughts

Tuesday Covid Update: yesterday was a very bad day. I basically had to stay in bed the rest of the day and constantly check my oxygen levels. For a couple hours, I had to lay on my belly. I just need to keep reminding myself it’s 5 steps forward 10 steps backwards. Luckily, I’m feelingContinue reading “Tuesday, May 19th covid update. Positive thoughts”

Don’t send people with covid articles that they will have symptoms for years

I appreciate that people are worrying about me but please DO NOT send me articles about people having covid symptoms for life or for years. Don’t tag me either in these type of articles. These news articles actually give people with covid more anxiety and make us feel down, which then lowers our immunity. IContinue reading “Don’t send people with covid articles that they will have symptoms for years”