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If you think you possibly have covid. The top 4 things I recommend are (ask your doctor before doing any of these):

1) Eat a lot of potassium, like 2-3 bananas a day or drink coconut juice. If you are diabetic or prediabetic, then ask your doctor what are ways you can get potassium without taking in lots of sugar. (Many people with covid are very low on potassium, which causes heart irregularities. I was eating 1-2 bananas a day and was still low on potassium)

2)Sit in the sun and take vitamin D pills (many people with covid symptoms for long periods of time have low vitamin D)

3) Take zinc and vitamin c (improves immunity)

4) Buy a spirometer to do lung exercises as much as you can. My doctor told me to do it 10x per hour. Ask your doctor! It costs $8 on amazon. Athletes use it to strengthen their lungs:


Someone in a covid support group wrote,

“My pulmonologist suggested the below website which has a boot camp program to improve breathing – she told me that others have found it helpful so might be worth a try.”

Ask your doctor first, but this has lots of breathing exercises to strengthen your lungs.

Oxygen monitor with an alarm that you can wear while you sleep

I bought one of these oximeters that I can wear while sleeping. It wakes me up and vibrates if my oxygen levels drop below 90. It also graphs my oxygen levels and pulse in an app.

It was expensive but worth it. It’s on amazon:


These 4 things have been game changers for me in the last 24 hours (& ask your doctor first about these, I did):
1) The spirometer for breathing exercises. I did 10x per hour. There is no medicine in it, but it expands your lungs and gets oxygen to the areas with pneumonia. The exercises can be painful but they help a lot!! My doc gave me one. The nurse said if you don’t have one, you can use a balloon. You can also buy them with 1 day shipped off of amazon for $10-14:

2) Vicks vapo bombs that you put in the shower. I showered 2x yesterday with these and sat in the shower breathing it in for 30 minutes.

3) Liposomal vitamin C, which is fat soluble and is absorbed faster. I took a pill every 4-5 hours (some ppl might take less bc it could upset your stomach):

4) Liposomal vitamin D, which is fat soluble and absorbed faster. They are finding that many ppl with covid are very low in vitamin D. I took 2 of these pills (again ask your doc):

Also, if you feel sick with covid, and especially if your breathing is bad, I highly recommend that ppl quickly go to the doc or ER to get chest X-ray and other tests. I went to the ER 3x in 2 weeks. Covid progresses so rapidly so they can see your pneumonia worsen within days or a week. I know doctors are very busy and working non stop, but I also wish my doctors would’ve given me the spirometer and recommended these things 2-3 weeks ago.


Some herbs could lower blood pressure or thin blood, so definitely ask your doctor. If you are feeling like you have covid, go see your doctor! Many people, like myself, needed chest X-rays, ekgs, bloodwork and other tests.

Natural remedies are sometimes necessary because there isn’t currently a medicine that kills the virus. And sometimes medicines like Tylenol don’t help with some of the pain or horrific symptoms. 

I’ve had covid for at least 3-4 weeks, but probably more like 5 weeks. I joined a bunch of covid support groups. I also went to the ER 3x and have had virtual appointments with my acupuncturist. She’s had many patients with covid, who she has helped to get over it quicker or alleviate their symptoms. These strategies have been helping me and my friends with covid. I’ve compiled these strategies based on recommendations from my doctors, acupuncturist and others with covid. Since nurses call me every am, I ran EVERYTHING I’m doing by them or my doctor to make sure it’s okay and helpful.

My boyfriend, who was very sick. Is also 100% symptom free now and he said that many of these remedies helped. These are things I wish I would’ve known 3-4 weeks ago:

-Cutting up a garlic cloves and swallowing it raw with juice. (Swallow, don’t chew)

-Taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 

-Having decaf green and ginger tea. Adding turmeric and lemon to my tea 

-Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Also, drink lots of pedialyte or coconut water to replenish your electrolytes (especially if you have digestion problems)

-Eating bananas or other foods with potassium because many people get too low on potassium, which can cause heart beat irregularities 

-Eating spinach and taking iron supplements 

-Taking fast absorption liposomal vitamin C and D

-Taking a teaspoon of black seed oil (helps support lung function and improves immunity. Been around for thousands of years and was even found in King Tuts tomb)

-Putting vapor rub on the feet before sleeping

-On the chest, wearing a lidocaine patches or vapor rub to alleviate chest pain and tightness

-Using icy hot or Bengay all over the ribs, back, neck and temples 

-Using a dry brush on one’s lymph nodes at least 3x per day, especially if your lymph nodes are swollen. You can buy one here:

-Doing breathing exercises at least 10x a day. You do a set of 5 at a time and hold your breathe for 5 seconds. My doctor recommended that I do them 10x per hour (that I’m awake) and use a spirometer. You can also find videos on covid breathing exercises with YouTube or use a balloon if you don’t have a spirometer: 

-Taking zinc and magnesium 

-Turning the shower on all the way hot and dropping eucalyptus oil or a vapor rub bath bum in the shower. Then, sitting on a seat and breathing in vapor rub. I also put it under my nose, chest and ears 

-Ask your acupuncturist if there are herbs you can take. My acupuncturist prescribe me a couple that are helping.

-Drinking fruit smoothies, no sugar added

-Eating crackers and rice, especially if you have diarrhea. Soup is good but add crackers. I add garlic and black pepper to my my soup 

-Putting an ice pack on my head or neck

-Putting a heating pad on my chest 

-Trying to move my legs or walk once an hour. If I can’t, using the vibrating back massager on my legs to prevent blood clots. Also, wearing compression socks. 

-Dark chocolate 

-Ease your anxiety by getting a finger oxygen reader and tie it in a necklace so you don’t lose it. Since they are mostly sold out, ask your friends and family 

-Lie on your belly or sit on a chair with no back. Having your back against something can make breathing hard

-Buy an air purifier. Move it to every room to clean the air in all of the rooms. Then, turn it off and use a warm humidifier and add eucalyptus 

-Go to bed with a pedialyte bottle and banana in your bed. In the am, I am often so bad, I can’t move. This helps a lot.

-Don’t drink caffeine because many people’s heart rates are very high with Covid 

-Reduce dairy intake because it can increase congestion for some people

-Take probiotics 

-Get “respiratory cough drops” online or menthol ones

-Sit by a window for more vitamin D or buy a sun light

-Oregano oil to reduce blood pressure

2 thoughts on “Treatment & remedies

  1. Tylenol (2 extra strength, 3x day)
    Ibuprofen (4 tabs, 3x day)
    Albuterol (every 4 hrs)

    Netti pot once sinuses fill up

    Peppermint tea with honey
    Fresh ground ginger with honey and lemon (more effective)
    Water (lots of drinking water; kept in water bottle 24 hrs)

    Heating pad
    Sleeping up straight

    Soup and Stew made with
    Fresh ginger
    Fresh garlic
    Fenugreek seeds
    Fresh ground black pepper
    Chili (as much as can be tolerated)
    Tomato (easiest with canned whole peeled tomatoes)
    Addl: for substance add cooked rice and broccoli slaw


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