I want to give a huge shout out to:

-Everyone who has helped me by dropping off food or supplies; sent me texts, emails, videos or phone calls, wishing me well or praying for me

-My boyfriend who helped me set up things in my house and cooked for me

-My union, the Chicago Teachers Union, the union officers and CORE (Caucus of Rank and File Educators) and activists who keep checking in on me.

October, 2020

-My coworkers, principal, co-teachers, SECAS, paras and students’ parents who have all been very supportive.

-My social media friends who have been super helpful on helping my morale and dropping off items

-My friends from around the country and world, who reach out to me daily!

-My students for sending me sweet videos and emails wishing me to get better and thanking me for teacher appreciation week!

-My doctors, therapists and acupuncturist for helping me to become stronger and healthier every day.

-My kitties, Nala and Lizzo who are cuddly monsters #NalasWorld

Nala and Lizzo, my substitutes for remote learning

-My family for staying up, in the middle of the night, to call the hospital, to make sure they are taking care of me and for sending me food and supplies.

Devin (my twin) on the left and Colin is on the right

-Thanks to my cousins, aunts and extended family for checking in on me and supporting me through this.

Family pic 2016
Family pic from years ago. Idk why all our eyes look weird. I think someone drew on my eyes. lol

-And most importantly, to my roommate, Elijah, who has driven me to the hospital 3x now, and who also has been taking care of me for weeks, I don’t think I would be alive without him.

I don’t think I would’ve survived without you all!!! ❤

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