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Black and brown people are 70% of the covid related deaths in Chicago. This is due to structural & environmental racism and classism. Many people still have to work because they are essential workers or they are ineligible for unemployment. Their jobs put them at higher risk to contract covid.

Cities and schools districts can’t have a one size fits all approach to this pandemic. We need comprehensive measure taken to address these inequities. Luckily, the #RightToRecovery Coalition in Chicago wrote up a statement and action plan to recovery.

We need a rent, mortgage and eviction freeze; individuals on an unaffordable money bond should be released immediately and no new people should be admitted to Cook County Jail on money bonds. Cook County should immediately release individuals over the age of 50 or who are in a high-risk population. People should be provided with income security; we need to close detention centers; stop ICE; provide free healthcare and carry out all the other essential demands listed by the #RightToRecovery coalition. Read more here:


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