Monday, 5/18 covid update

I definitely overdid it yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I tried doing some yoga while sitting in the shower. I also walked in the house about 10 seconds more than I usually do. My heart rate jumped from 55 to 165, and it took a while to come down.

Today, I went to lay outside in my backyard, so I could get vitamin D. I almost got stuck outside because my oxygen kept dipping too low to walk. I kept doing the breathing exercises but it would go up a little and immediately back down. I think it’s due to me overdoing it yesterday and the humidity and bad air quality. I was also stressing out due to the articles people sent me about covid lasting forever (please don’t send me those).

I need to be more careful and not push myself too much.

Covid is 5 steps forward, 10 steps back. 😔 #CovidTeacher

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