Why does USA have high death rates from covid?

Anyone else feel like western medicine is floundering with how to deal with covid, which is one reason the USA has such a high rate of covid and a high rate of death? (And obviously one of the biggest reasons is that we don’t have universal healthcare).

USA is one of the few countries in the world that strictly relies on western medicine and doesn’t combine it with any natural remedies or eastern medicine.

Everyone I know, who has covid, has had to use natural remedies to boost their immune system and alleviate terrible symptoms. And they didn’t learn that from western docs, they learned it from their acupuncturists, covid support groups, doing their own research, etc. And to be clear, I do run everything past my western doc and I am also on antibiotics (went to the ER 3x for chest X-rays and tests).

Without these natural remedies, combined with antibiotics, I would’ve ended up in the hospital way more or worse, I wouldn’t have survived covid.

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