USA has the most covid deaths in the world, by a landslide

We’re not just #1 in covid deaths, we’re in the lead by a lot. And to those saying the USA population is bigger, NOT TRUE. China has over 4x larger population than the USA. India too.

China’s response to covid is an example of what the USA should’ve done:
-built more hospitals (China built massive ones in 10 days)
-turn factory production into ppe production
-set up neighborhood groups that check on people and help them daily
-free universal healthcare
-mass testing
-temperature checks in front of stores, etc
-combining western medicine & eastern medicine
-entire countrywide shut down

I know the USA has a ton of anti-China propaganda but they handled it far better than the USA. USA now made hospital beds that turn into caskets. They’d rather pay for that than PPE or building more hospitals.

And there are daily protests by nurses in the USA because they don’t have proper PPE and are dying or being forced to work with covid

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