Stories of sexism in hospitals & strategies of how to protect yourself

In this video, I speak about the sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ageism in the healthcare system. In these covid support groups, I’ve seen thousands of women, ppl of color and Lgbtqia+ folks, who were originally told, “It’s not covid, it’s anxiety.”

This discrimination is killing people.

Our “for-profit” healthcare system is killing ppl. Many doctors are telling ppl not to go to the ER unless they feel severely ill. People are being told to just stay home and take Tylenol. This is a big problem because covid changes within hours. This is why people are being found dead in their homes.

In this video, I talk about my experiences of sexism. I also share strategies I used to make the docs believe me and get tests I desperately needed.

Strategies such as:

-Taking pics of the results of your at home finger oxygen monitor and blood pressure machine, so they believe you

-Keep a journal of your symptoms daily or even hourly

-Write down or take screen shots of all your medicine, doc notes and recommendations

-Ask the doctors or nurses to explain your test results before you leave the ER

-Read or reread all of your chart results and ask your doctor to explain what they mean

-If you aren’t getting the care you need, have family members call in

-and more

Read more about my journey, symptoms and remedies that helped me and MORE at my blog:


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