This is the image of my bed filled with medicine, vitamins, vital monitors, etc.

I have to have all these things next to me since it’s difficult to walk. I tried to push myself more yesterday and walked 20-30 seconds and my heart rate jumped to 165.

What is all this stuff you ask? Well, I have a cooking pot filled with all my essential meds and vitamins, so I have it all in one place. Before I did this, there were a few times when I couldn’t find my inhaler or something I needed immediately. With everything in one place, I won’t lose it under a blanket and I can find all my essentials within seconds.

When I first wake up, I have lemon water to cleanse my organs. For some reason, it also helps me breathe. I think it has anti-inflammatory properties. I drink it throughout the day too.

I also add to it decaf green tea, ginger tea and turmeric. I can’t have anything with caffeine because my heart rate already goes too high just with walking a few steps. Yes, that means no caffeinated coffee. And yes it’s terrible.

I also start the day with a smoothie packet, banana and apple sauce packet. I try to have these in my bed at night, so I don’t have to get up in the morning. I often feel worse in the morning and it’s difficult to get up. Eating these first thing helps.

I have to eat 3 bananas a day because my potassium was low and was causing me to have an irregular heart beat previously.

Since ERs always kicked me out in a few hours, and my oxygen levels were dropping during the night, I bought a $150 wristband sleep oxygen monitor. I wear it 21 hours a day. It graphs my oxygen levels and heart rate on an app. It’ll buzz and wake me up if my oxygen drops too low or if my heart rate is too high.

I also keep a finger oxygen monitor around my neck, in case the other one runs out of batteries.

I use a spirometer to do lung exercises 10x per hour. I have an alarm set on my phone for every hour.

What else do I have here in my bed:
-blood pressure monitor
-pedialyte and coconut water, I drink 3 a day to keep my electrolytes up
-lidocaine patches for my chest pain, which helps me breathe
-icy hot which I rub on my ribs, chest and back at least 3x a day
-“breathe” respiratory drops
-vapor rub, I put on 4x per day
-probiotics, I took 3 dif antibiotics so I need probiotics to get my good bacteria back
-zinc lozenges
-liposomal vitamin c and d
-cranberry pills
-milk thistle (to help w taking so many vitamins)
-oregano oil, to lower my blood pressure
-black seed oil, for immunity and supports lung function
-Ice pack
-acupuncturist herbs and tea
-special pillow set so I can sit up and lay on my belly. Also, so I can put my legs up
-compression socks to prevent blood clots
-vibrating back massager I use on my lymph nodes a few times a day to cleanse them
-ibuprofen (docs said are fine btw)
-acupressure wand
-hand sanitizer
-kitties for cuddles and comfort

Not pictured here. I cut up and swallow 1 cut up garlic piece a day. And I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

I also have an air purifier in my room and a warm humidifier which I alternate between.

I started showering 2x per day. I sit in my shower chair, put a vapo bath bomb in and just do breathing exercises for 30 minutes. Yesterday, I did 15 minutes of yoga stretches while sitting in my shower chair. This definitely helped.

Every morning, my hospital calls me to do a survey with me on my symptoms.

I have rolly chairs or stools in every room of the house so I don’t have to walk far.

This is covid. I’m on day 35-50. Covid is exhausting. And keep in mind I’m 33 years old, was running/walking 3-6 miles per day and did yoga 100x last year, I’m pescatarian, 125 pounds and very healthy. And this is what covid did to me.

Stay safe. Stay home. Don’t get caution fatigue. #CovidTeacher

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