For those that have recovered from covid, don’t over do it because YOU COULD RELAPSE. Luckily, studies show that people are NOT contagious when they relapse. I also wonder if it’s problematic that she donated plasma 8x. Maybe she was left with not enough antibodies? [A second positive test after a negative result mayContinue reading

Diet Can Fight Diseases Linked to Poor COVID-19 Outcomes “The statistics are grim. The American Heart Association reports that “data from the outbreak in Wuhan, China, shows a 10.5% death rate among people with COVID-19 who also have cardiovascular disease, 7.3% for those with diabetes, 6.3% for those with respiratory disease, 6% for those with high blood pressure and 5.6% for those withContinue reading “Diet Can Fight Diseases Linked to Poor COVID-19 Outcomes”

Race and covid mortality

Some of this I agree with and some of it I don’t. They don’t talk about how structural racism affects Covid deaths enough. “In a recent interview, Linda Villarosa outlines the three major causes that she and other public health researchers have identified as causes for the huge racial gap in Covid mortality: 1)Continue reading “Race and covid mortality”

CPS’ plan is to save money, NOT to save lives I had covid horribly for 60+ days and NEVER had a recorded fever. Majority of people, especially kids are asymptomatic. This is NOT acceptable. We have immune compromised students and staff. This is CPS’ way of finding the cheap way out by NOT reducing our class sizes, NOT hiring full time nurses or socialContinue reading “CPS’ plan is to save money, NOT to save lives”