CPS’ plan is to save money, NOT to save lives


I had covid horribly for 60+ days and NEVER had a recorded fever. Majority of people, especially kids are asymptomatic. This is NOT acceptable.

We have immune compromised students and staff. This is CPS’ way of finding the cheap way out by NOT reducing our class sizes, NOT hiring full time nurses or social workers in every school, NOT doubling custodians to clean the schools, NOT tripling cleaning supplies (our soap was always watered down and we never received disinfectant) and not providing PPE.

Cps even cut most schools’ budgets this year. When students and families die of covid, blood will be on the mayor’s hands.

‪Also, educators in CPS have higher rates of illnesses, such as diabetes, than the USA population. This puts them at risk.‬

‪Black people in Chicago are most at risk of dying from covid, so our black educators are in the greatest danger with CPS’ terrible reopening plan

“Everyone will be required to wear face coverings. Schools will be given a limited amount of coverings for students and staff members at the beginning of the year.”

This plan is terrible. CPS already admits that they won’t provide enough PPE for teachers and students to ensure a safe reopening. They are treating us like we are guinea pigs in their “experiment.”

If you want to read more about how horrifying covid is, read my blog. I couldn’t walk more than 2 steps for weeks and went to the ER 3x: CovidTeacher.com

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