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Thanks so much to everyone for sharing. I’m glad it’s helped so many people around the world who are struggling with Covid or have family struggling with Covid. Read my blog to learn about my journey with Covid, my struggles, symptoms, remedies that worked for me, important articles.

Here’s how your love life can survive COVID-19

I should’ve written this article. 😛 “A May 2020 study found 42 percent of singles have downloaded a dating app and 41 percent have signed up to an online dating website since COVID-19 began; nearly three in 10 (27 percent) of singles have gone on a virtual date since the spread of COVID-19 inContinue reading “Here’s how your love life can survive COVID-19”

USA hits record high due to reopening in S & W states This is why the north should be careful and maybe not reopen indoor businesses in 2 days. We could see a resurgence of cases too. [Health experts said Monday that the resurgence in cases in Southern and Western states can be traced to Memorial Day, when many officials began loosening lockdowns and reopening businesses.Continue reading “USA hits record high due to reopening in S & W states”

Social gatherings & work places spread covid, NOT rallies

‪‬ ‪Social gatherings, without masks, and workplaces are spreading covid, NOT rallies. Activists take care of each other. The only ones not wearing masks at rallies are the police. ‬ “We did have a rally in Bellingham, which is our county seat, and there was also a protest, and we have not been able toContinue reading “Social gatherings & work places spread covid, NOT rallies”

Unique covid strand in Chicago [Northwestern University researchers have discovered Chicago has a unique COVID-19 virus strain that appears to be directly linked from the early outbreak in China, the university said in a news release Thursday. Another variant discovered in Chicago COVID-19 patients, which happens to be the predominant variant worldwide, and in the U.S. is centered inContinue reading “Unique covid strand in Chicago”