Social gatherings & work places spread covid, NOT rallies


‪Social gatherings, without masks, and workplaces are spreading covid, NOT rallies. Activists take care of each other. The only ones not wearing masks at rallies are the police. ‬

“We did have a rally in Bellingham, which is our county seat, and there was also a protest, and we have not been able to connect a single case to that rally or to the protest, and what we’re finding is in large part that’s due to the use of masks,” Erika Lautenbach, the director of the Whatcom County Health Department in Washington State, tells NPR’s All Things Considered. “Almost everyone at the rally was wearing a mask, and it’s really a testament to how effective masks are in preventing the spread of this disease.”

2 thoughts on “Social gatherings & work places spread covid, NOT rallies

  1. It’s magical thinking to think that rallies don’t spead Covid. Social gatherings that you are passionate about, with people you support, have just as much risk as those that you don’t like.


    1. I was surprised by this too bc I thought cases would rise a lot from protests! Multiple articles like this npr article have stated that the protests haven’t because ppl are outside and all wearing masks. If they did, we would’ve seen a mass uptick in cases in IL, NY and Cali but that’s not the case. They found bars being open and social gatherings without masks are causing mass Covid spread


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