-Take vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D (or go in the sun for vitamin D). A lot of people with bad covid symptoms have low vitamin D
-Take probiotics. Majority of your immune system is in your gut
-Eat potassium. You can get it from bananas, coconut water and other foods. A lot of people with bad covid symptoms have low potassium levels. Low potassium can also cause irregular heart beats (it did for me the first weeks of covid)
-Cut up raw garlic and swallow it with juice or something
-Use a brush to do lymph node massages to drain lymph nodes and boost your immune system. Here’s an article on it and how to do it:

-Buy black seed oil. It promotes immunity and lung health. Has been around for 1000s of years
-Drink green tea and ginger tea
-Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

You can also buy a spirometer to exercise your lungs like many athletes do. They cost $8 on amazon:

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