Are there any research studies on the correlation with covid, low vitamin D and skin color?

Statistically people with darker skin color often have lower rates of vitamin D, since their skin blocks the sun’s rays more than lighter skin color. That’s why people with darker skin are more likely to develop rickets.

There are lots of studies out about how people with low vitamin D have worse covid symptoms and often have covid for a longer period of time. Could that also mean that people with darker skin are more likely to have worse covid symptoms, since they are more likely to have lower vitamin D levels?

I’ve met people on covid support groups that were so low in vitamin D that they needed weekly IVs of 50,000 IU.

Of course, I think the main reason for the high death rate of black people from covid is due to systemic structural racism, lack of affordable healthcare, environmental racism, food desserts, racism in the healthcare field, etc.

I’m not a doctor, but I’m just wondering if there are any studies on the vitamin D, covid and skin color. Because if this is true, lives could be saved by people taking vitamin D supplements.

Here’s an article on vitamin D and covid:

Top 4 recommendations for people with covid

If you think you possibly have covid. The top 4 things I recommend are (ask your doctor before doing any of these):

1) Eat a lot of potassium, like 2-3 bananas a day or drink coconut juice. If you are diabetic or prediabetic, then ask your doctor what are ways you can get potassium without taking in lots of sugar. (Many people with covid are very low on potassium, which causes heart irregularities. I was eating 1 banana a day)

2)Sit in the sun and take vitamin D pills (many people with covid symptoms for long periods of time have low vitamin D)

3) Take zinc and vitamin c (improves immunity)

4) Buy a spirometer to do lung exercises as much as you can. It costs $8 on amazon. Athletes use it to strengthen their lungs:

Do asymptomatic people spread covid? YES!

I’m glad that the WHO walked back their comments. Many people don’t have symptoms a few days before getting symptoms. My ex’s roomate did not have any symptoms when he gave it to us. And he got symptoms a few days later.

Also, people don’t realize they have symptoms. For weeks, I didn’t know I had covid because I just had diarrhea, night sweats and random metallic smell and taste.

Apparently, people totally forgot about actually scientific studies.
‪“Masks and testing are necessary to combat asymptomatic spread in aerosols and droplets.”‬

Stay safe you all and act like everyone has covid. Wear masks and social distance always. Quarantine after protests. #CovidTeacher

Antibody test

I just got my antibody test today, it was super fast. CDC still says it’s 50% innacurate, but doesn’t hurt to try.

The covid test and antibody test are free with insurance at Innovative Express Care on Ashland and Fullerton. They have appointments every 10-15 minutes on their website. I don’t know if it is free without insurance.

I know there are a bunch of other free places for people without insurance.

In Chile, over 2,000 kids, less than 5 years old, have covid.

And over 257 are hospitalized. I wonder why Chile has such a high rate of children infected.
Have people heard of this anywhere else? Maybe they have a bad covid strand?

Hospitals and insurance companies are scamming covid patients

I’m getting an antibody test tomorrow and a 3rd covid test. I’m not going to blow my nose or drink water or anything for a couple hours beforehand I’m. I’m also going to tell them to get up in there, so it’s going to be horrible. With covid tests being 30-50% false negatives and even worse stats after weeks of symtoms, it’s still very unlikely I’ll test positive.

I need one of the tests to be positive because my blasted hospital coded 2 ER visits as shortness of breath and 1 as covid. So 1 is free and others cost money. It’s insane because my first visit, they refused to give me a covid test. I even begged them to. They said, “You are young, we are short supplies, and we know you have covid. You are still included in cdc numbers for presumed positive.”

Then, I get the giant ER bill saying “shortness of breath,” even though they told me I definitely have covid. I think it’s a total scam between hospitals and insurance because hospitals lost millions from not doing elective surgeries for months. If you have covid, it’s 100% free. If you don’t, it costs you an arm and a leg because they give you a billion tests.

Wish me luck. #CovidTeacher

Protesters, make sure you know some possible first symptoms of covid.

-Night sweats (and I usually don’t sweat at night)
-Some random mild chills
-Random metallic smell and taste a few times, especially while walking or doing exercises
-feeling tired or winded after doing things I normally could do like walking a mile or carrying something

Many people also lose their sense of smell or taste, have a cough, get fevers, have rashes or red eyes.

I didn’t have any of those symtoms. Symptoms vary for everyone and some people have no symptoms.