Hospitals and insurance companies are scamming covid patients

I’m getting an antibody test tomorrow and a 3rd covid test. I’m not going to blow my nose or drink water or anything for a couple hours beforehand I’m. I’m also going to tell them to get up in there, so it’s going to be horrible. With covid tests being 30-50% false negatives and even worse stats after weeks of symtoms, it’s still very unlikely I’ll test positive.

I need one of the tests to be positive because my blasted hospital coded 2 ER visits as shortness of breath and 1 as covid. So 1 is free and others cost money. It’s insane because my first visit, they refused to give me a covid test. I even begged them to. They said, “You are young, we are short supplies, and we know you have covid. You are still included in cdc numbers for presumed positive.”

Then, I get the giant ER bill saying “shortness of breath,” even though they told me I definitely have covid. I think it’s a total scam between hospitals and insurance because hospitals lost millions from not doing elective surgeries for months. If you have covid, it’s 100% free. If you don’t, it costs you an arm and a leg because they give you a billion tests.

Wish me luck. #CovidTeacher

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