Top recommendations

I’ve received about 5 texts or DMs with questions about covid every day for the past 8 months. Here are my top recommendations:

1) Take vitamin D (low vitamin D levels are highly linked to more severe symptoms).
2) Eat food with potassium, such as bananas, coconut water, green vegetables. Covid can lower your potassium levels, which can cause heart palpitations. My levels were so low, I had to eat 3 bananas a day (this could be an issue with ppl with diabetes of course)
3) Eat little sugar (some studies have shown bad immune responses with ppl who have covid and eat lots of sugar)
4) Take probiotics. Drink ginger tea. There are lots of links to gut health and COVID. Many people find Pepcid Ac helps for some reason.
5) Drink lots of lemon water, especially in the am. It has anti-viral properties and cleans your organs
6) If you are congested, use vapor rub, vapo shower bombs are amazing. Warm humidifiers help a lot
7) If you have difficulty breathing, use spirometers ($8) or “The Breather” to do breathing exercises to strengthen your lungs. This helped me 10 fold after only 1 day. I think if a doctor would’ve given this to me on the first hospital visit, instead of the 3rd, I would have significantly improved faster
8)Do NOT lie on your back all day. No matter how tired you are. Your lungs are mostly in your back and it can make your pneumonia worse. Walk around a little or lie on your stomach
9) If you are having lots of issues, go to the ER. Get a chest X-ray and blood tests. Also, have them test your oxygen levels while lying on your back and walking
10) If you have breathing issues, aches or chest pain, use CBD icy hot roll ons or put lidocaine patches on your chest
11) Raw garlic and apple cider vinegar have lots of strong properties for improving the immune system. I cut up a raw clove of garlic every day and swallowed it with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

Of course, ask your doctor before doing anything. I am no doctor but I have read lots of studies and joined tons of covid support groups. I read lots of what has worked for others around the world. I also have my own experiences

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