If you go to the ER for Covid, ask for the following…

1) Ask for a chest X-ray, even if you have no cough. I had no cough and had very bad pneumonia which the X-ray showed.

2) Ask for them to take a blood test of your various levels including: potassium, vitamin D, blood cells, D-dimer (for clotting), etc. Many people with bad Covid symptoms are low in these

3) Have them test your oxygen while walking, sitting and lying down. Some people have bad pneumonia but their oxygen levels are good while sitting but very bad while walking or lying down

4) Ask if you need antibiotics. Sometimes people get secondary pneumonia infections from Covid. Antibiotics significantly helped my lungs

5) Ask if there is anything else you can do to strengthen your lungs, such as using a spirometer. This made a world of difference for me. If I would’ve had a spirometer the first ER visit and not the 3rd, my pneumonia wouldn’t have gotten so bad

And don’t forget that sometimes you need to be assertive. So many people die at home because they are turned away from the hospital. Also, so many women, people of color and lgbtqia+ folks are told they just have anxiety and turned away. My neighbor’s cousin was in his 20s and went to the hospital for Covid. They turned him away and that night he died in his sleep.

If you need extra help, have your family call into the nurse’s station. Also, check hospitals’ rating, so you know which one is best to go to.

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