You might survive Covid, but you will feel like you’re dying

Read this young woman’s thread on Covid. I have most the symptoms she described. Some of the symptoms I forgot about bc I was in such pain, focused on every breath and had Covid dog brain. How she describes everything is so accurate. I had:
-60-74 days of Covid
-Extreme tachycardia where my heart rate would triple just walking 2 steps. I had that until the very end, it was my last symptom to get over. I know some ppl who never got rid of it. My ascending aorta also was enlarged
-Chest pain and tightness where it felt like a gorilla was on my chest. I had to wear lidocaine patches every 12 hours on my chest and icy hot on ribs every 4 hours
-Fatigue like your body is shutting down. I cried a lot bc I honestly thought I was dying. I had exhaustion just to walk a couple steps. I didn’t shower for a whole week bc I was too tired to get up. I had to put rolly chairs in every room of the house and a chair in the shower
-Such trouble breathing that for at least a month I couldn’t have anything touch my back (most of your lungs are in your back). I had to sit up or lie on my belly to breathe. Some days all you can think about is every breath. I could barely talk for weeks
-I had diarrhea for 2 months
-I also had the weird “buzzing” in my head at times
-At nights, I had the most trouble breathing and had confusion, some hallucinations and night sweats so bad it felt like I jumped in a pool. For weeks, I was terrified to sleep bc I thought I would die in my sleep like so many others. I bought a $150 sleep oxygen monitor that would wake me up when my oxygen dropped
-Brain fog was definitely real. My memory was horrible and I could barely think or talk
-My period was the worst I’ve had in my life. I had keel over pain
-I also had metallic smell and taste
-Covid was such a roller coaster. I would feel like I was getting all better and then the next day, I would feel terrible. And you do feel like it will never end or like you will have permanent damage. And unfortunately many ppl do have permanent damage.

I feel so lucky that I am 100% recovered. Even though you might survive Covid, do you really want to feel like death for months or have permanent damage? And you might survive, but your parents or grandparents might not.


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