Response to people who don’t believe covid exists or that it’s mild

I compiled a bunch of my statements I made in response to people who say “covid doesn’t exit” or “it’s not that bad,” so I don’t have to waste more energy on ignorant people:

Please believe people when they say they are sick. Why would they post fake statistics? Do you have covid? Have you been to the ER? Because I’ve been 3x and it is no joke. I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks or barely talk.

Also, do you have no friends in healthcare? Or very few friends in general?

I’m a science teacher and 2 of my students’ parents died from covid too.

So you think the entire world is lying?

I’m in tons of covid support groups and text chains with people from over one hundred countries. And there are tons of people with covid for months. I get a daily call from the covid monitoring team from the #1 rated hospital in IL and top in the USA. They tell me about how tons of people are very sick, even young healthy people. One nurse told me that she had just spoken with a man who ran over 20 marathons and had horrible covid for over a month.

I’m sorry that you think so negatively of people in this world, that you don’t believe nurses, doctors or people who are sharing their stories. Do you also not believe pictures of our heart monitors and oxygen monitors? Smh

I’m a science teacher, who has studied in 31 countries and graduated from U of IL with a 3.87. I’ve taught chemistry, physics, medical interventions, biology, anatomy and principles of biomedical science for many years. What do you do, oh wise one, who apparently thinks he is an infectious disease expert?

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