Are hospitals or insurance companies working together to ensure fewer patients are being coded as having covid, so insurance companies pay less?

I went to the ER 3x, at the richest hospital in IL. My first ER visit, they refused to test me for covid. They said, “We know you have covid because you have all the symptoms and your boyfriend tested positive. We are short supplies. We also don’t want to waste a test on a young person with all the symptoms. And around 30-50% of tests are false negatives.”

My general doctor, from the same hospital, also told me that they even have ICU patients who tested negative 3x previously and tested positive the 4th and 5th time. That’s how inaccurate the covid testing is.

I was also told that I was listed in the CDC covid numbers as presumed positive. I receive calls every morning from the nurses who are doing part of the hospital’s covid monitoring team.

Now, I just received my ER bills. I’m being charged because I’m listed as short of breath, not as having covid.

This means that tons people are getting giant ER bills because hospitals aren’t coding ppl as having covid due to refusing to test (or lack of supplies) or false negatives. Because if the hospitals submit the codes to insurance as having covid, everything is 100% paid, so $0 for copay, treatment, Er visit, tests, etc.

‪I wonder if deals or kickbacks are being made behind closed doors, with insurance companies encouraging hospitals to code fewer people as having covid? ‬

‪Also, notice how doctors are upset by all the secrecy around how common false negatives are. Notice, that mainstream media isn’t talking about how 30-50% of covid tests are false negatives. ‬
‪Here’s an article about it.

Someone needs to investigate this. ‬‬

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