Someone in my covid group made a list of about 60 symptoms. I had 42 symptoms at some point over the past 2 months:
1) chest pain/tightness
2) body aches/muscle aches
3) headaches
4) respiratory distress
5) fatigue, lethargy, weak
6) GI issues
7) body ache, muscle ache
8)having symptoms in waves
9) emotional distress, sadness
10) high heart rate, palpitations
11) brain fog, forgetfulness
12) talking causes exhaustion
13) blurry vision (had for 2 days in one eye)
14) chills
15) no appetite (that only last a week or two)
16) insomnia
17) tachycardia/pots (High heart rate, heart palpitations)
18) tingling body sensation
19) lung, heart pain
20) changes in taste/smell
21) sinus press headache
21) heavy sweating
22) symptomatic 30 days
23) phantosmia (smelled metallic or burning)
24) increased blood pressure
25) constricted throat (hard to swallow)
26) dehydration
27) oxygen under 90
28) tinnitus
29) ride side rib pain (that’s where my bad pneumonia was)
30) breast pain
31) irregular heart beat
32) enlarged lymph nodes (very painful)
33) blocked ear drum/ear ache (very painful)
34) pneumonia
35) low temperature
36) hallucinations (at night when I think my fever was very high)
37) leg pain
38) abdominal pain
39) enlarged aorta (from my heart trying to pump blood)
40) gum sensitivity/pain
41) dizziness
42) seeing spots

And I’m lucky because I never had some of the other symptoms, such as:
-inflamed eyeballs
-kidney issues & dark urine
-covid toes
-terrible joint pain
-burning in lungs
-loss of taste, smell
-sore throat
-numbness in fingers and toes
-blood clots
-pink eye
-crackling lung
-restless leg

Some people also have permanent damage to their lungs, heart and other organs. Even young healthy people have these horrible symptoms. Covid is no joke.

#StayHome #WearMasks

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